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EBU publiceert jaarverslag 2014/2015

Inland waterway transport is known as environmentally friendly, emission low and energy efficient mode, that serves important markets and offers a huge modal shift potential.
The NAIADES programme is intended to provide the necessary framework conditions to support inland waterway transport within the overall European policy concepts like the White paper and the TEN-T.  Part of this programme is a new governance structure and cooperation between the European Commission and the Central Commission for the Navigation on the Rhine to contribute to the future development of inland waterway transport and a further harmonisation of the regulatory framework.  
With this report we would like to inform you about recent developments such as in the field of
  • Infrastructure, which remains the “condition sine qua non”
  • The labour market, as inland navigation is a “people’s business”
  • Innovation, proving that despite the difficult economic situation the inland navigation industry is characterised by innovative entrepreneurship
  • Passenger shipping, which is booming business
The review of the White Paper should take advantage of the potential of inland waterway transport and materialise the huge  advantages of the sector in terms of its strengths, such as its economy of scale – an average inland vessel replaces some 250 lorries -, its high safety record, low externalities and energy-efficiency. Inland navigation is mainly known as carrier of traditional freight flows of bulk and mass products like coal, iron ore, liquid cargo or cereals. Besides the well known success stories in the field of container transport – which is an area of ongoing growth - there are other quite unknown areas in which waterway transport offers interesting solutions to shippers and society.
EBU’s members are prepared and committed to contribute to the realisation of the overall goals of the European sustainable transport policy. 
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